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Hey, I have an idea. How about we have a PVP subgroup.. Like a name for them. I would like to be in it and im sure Purefuzion would also like to.. I am online often on Palidus.
Hey All
Hi back :)
hey guys...:S
Hello all! :)
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Welcome to The Saintz!

 We are an active casual guild looking to enjoy questing and exploring the world of Azeroth. The guild is level 25 and working on guild achievements, dungeon runs and raids. Our goal is to have fun! 

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New Forum Topic in the Members section

CexxyB, Jul 23, 13 11:33 PM.
I have just posted in the members section of the forum about making a face book page. Please visit and leave your comments XD  Also check the in game calendar for the raid schedules. If you have any questions or ideas please contact Chumpp( and alts), Netherchill( and alts) and Myself.

2013 is here and so are we :)

Lynnet-WoW, Jan 27, 13 3:53 PM.
I haven't posted anything to the news in a little while, but we have still been here and playing:)

Mist of Pandora has been a pretty fun expansion so far.  The quest line to enter the new land makes sense and the quests seemed fresh and entertaining :)  The scenery is overall beautiful and the Pandas are cute.  I had heard a rumor that there would be a lot of new spider models, but that turned out to not be true from what I have seen.  The monk class is pretty awesome.  It seems like the main theme is eating and drinking :)  There are several new mounts which you can get when you reach exalted with several of the new reputations.  Cooking is a bit more work but at the same time a challenge.  As you work on cooking you work on your Tillers reputation.  I got the title Farmer not too long ago and currently training a student to cook :)  The Order of the Cloud Serpent leads to obtaining a really oriental looking cloud serpent.

There are new dungeons, raids and a new thing called scenarios.  There are lots of things to do and I hope to see some of our members who haven't played in a while return to visit :)  If you can't play right now for some reason, please feel free to post a hello in the members forum :)

2013 should be a very good year :) 

Hi all!

Aoeryis , Aug 30, 11 6:12 AM.
The Cataclysm Raid team successfully finished BoT!  Maybe next time it can be for guild credit ! :) Also, the guild has reached level 24 and is already well on its way to 25, great job all!!! Mass ress sounds pretty awesome, eh? ;)

In Just a Month !

Lynnet-WoW, Aug 3, 11 8:59 AM.
It has been almost a month since my last news post.  We have been so busy that the time flew by :).  Our ranks have been growing and we have been making our way through raid content, so that now we are starting to do WoLK raids and working on having the numbers to do the 25man raids for achievements. Here is an outline of what we have done:

Today we made guild level 20 !!

The guild has completed the following Dungeon & Raid Achievement groups:
   Guild Classic Dungeonmaster
   Guild Classic Raider
   Guild Outland Dungeon Hero
   Guild Outland Raider
   Guild Northrend Dungeon Hero
   Guild Cataclysm Dungeon Hero

Kleenexpaper has been promoted to Martyr and it working on getting our Cata Raid Team going.

Congratulations to all The Saintz !!

Holiday Weekend Fun

Lynnet-WoW, Jul 5, 11 8:34 AM.
This last weekend was Canada Day and July 4th, Independance Day.  We got the achievement for completing the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ10) and the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ40).  This also got our guild the achievement Guild Classic Raider.
We had some discussion in guild chat and decided the next raid we want to try is Karazhan. 

The Midsummer Fire Festival has been going on and ended Monday/Tuesday night.  A few of use got the title.  That was some work :)

Sunday afternoon, we dinged our guild again.  The Saintz is now level 15 !  We are having so much fun doing things that I can't believe how quickly this happened again :)  Way to go everyone !!
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The Saintz is looking for active players all levels who want to quest, do dungeons & raids, explore the world of Azeroth and have fun with their guildmates.
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